C U R R E N T :: D I S C O G R A P H Y

"Consciousness Of Gravity" Xisco PoncÚ Jr. Jason Randolph Club
"Lo" Jason Randolph-- Rococo Records
"I Love Music" cott K. Vs The O'Jays
"NaySayer" Jason Randolph-- Baroque Records
"What're You Gonna Do" Alyson Jason Randolph Remix/ Pm Media
"Take a Good Look" Alyson Jason Randolph Remix/ Pm Media
"I Don't Do Nice" Cheyne - Jason Randolph& Scotty K. House Mix
"Free The World" La Toya Jackson J. Randolph Remix Jatail Records
"Simulation~Stimulation" Jason Randolph WHOOP!
"She Is~Halflight" Jason Randolph WHOOP!
"Everybody Happy" Kenne DJ Rico Mix
" One With You" SUN Chris Cox Remix/ RM Records
"Everything To Me" Brooke Hogan Jason Randolph Remix/ Transcontinental Records
" Nothin More To Say
" Alyson Jason Randolph Remix/ Pm Media
" Feel You" Alyson Jason Randolph Remix/ Pm Media
"I Will Live For Love" Donna Summer Chris Cox Remix/ UTV Records
"Just Wanna Dance" Latoya Jackson  Jason Randolph Remix/ Ja-Tail Records
"Promise" Stacie Orrico Chris Cox Remix/ Virgin Records
"Changes" Kelly Osbourne Felix Da Housecat Dance Mix/ Sanctuary Records
"Come Alive" The Devils Felix Da Housecat Remix/ Fullfill Records
"Under The Blue Sun" Jason Randolph Mtrax Records
"Get To Know Me" Ka-Je Projek Sounds Unique Records
"Pride" Barry Harris/Pepper Mashay Tommy Boy/Silver/ DJ Paulo
"Loaded" Ricky Martin Sony
"I’m Flyin" Enzo feat. Charles Lester M-trax
"Sun Rays" A.N.D Feat. Mr. M. M-Trax Records
"Be Ridin’" Patrice Strike Feat. Alexander Mars M-Trax Records
"Share My Joy" Loleatta Holloway Thunderpuss remixKing Street Records
"Bye Bye Bye" N’Sync Jive Records Thunderpuss 2000 remix
"Your Eyes" Elsie Munez  Interscope Records with D.J Irene
"Bailando" Angelina Upstairs Records
"Let the Joy Rise" Abigail Interhit Records
"Belly Roll" D & G Kore Interhit Records
"Visine" P.J. Olsson Colombia/Sony Music
"Don’t Want You" Georgie Porgie Music Plant Records
"Love Is So Nice" Urban Soul King Street Records
"The Touch" Paul Grogan Rampant Records
"Bolero" Cezar and Manolo Cha Cha Records
"B Please" Snoop Dog feat. Xzibit & Nate Dogg Priority Records
"Stomp to my Beat" JS-16 Playland Records
"Talk It Like I Bring It" Fiend Priority Records
"Who Do You Believe In" 2 Pac Priority Records
"So Pure" Alanis Morrisette Maverick Records
"Revolution" Kirk Franklin Interscope Records
"Jackie’s Strength" Tori Amos Atlantic Records
"Cali Drum & Bass" featuring four Jason Randolph tracks
"Techno Energy" featuring five original Jason Randolph tracks
"Jungle Fever" featuring five original Jason Randolph tracks